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WSIS Action Line: 

Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT Research Institute (ex. ITRC)

Summary of the Project: 

Analyzing top 50 Iran sites indicates that over 30 percent of such sites, which generate more than 50 percent of the Iran traffic, are news sites. From this, we may conclude that news is an important topic for Persians, and thus there is a special need for helping Persian speaking users in finding news from many available agencies, considering user propensities.

In this project, a news aggregator must be developed which collects data from online news agencies and social media, and then analyzes and visualizes them to help people finding their information needs. Two different categories of requirements have been defined for such a news aggregator:

  1. Basic Requirements: Real-time coverage of news from vast varieties of news agencies,

Advanced Requirements: Providing news stories including text as well as multimedia contents, Automatic content categorization

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