Analysis, Design and Implementation of National Web Site Ranking and Monitoring System

WSIS Action Line: 

Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT Research Institute (ex. ITRC)

National search engine program

Summary of the Project: 

The goal of this project is to provide the service of traffic-based ranking of national web-sites and evaluating their contribution to local Internet traffic.

Web ranking is necessary as an indication of web sites popularity. This ranking can be utilized by users to decide which site to visit more often, the contents of which site is more reliable to be referenced, or which online shop is more trusted to buy from. Not surprisingly, all of these issues affect the position of an online business.

As the number of Persian web sites has increased and different online businesses have emerged, web-site owners seek a reference to evaluate their site’s popularity in comparison to others. Such a service is currently provided by ranking sites like Alexa which has become a reference for the evaluation of Iranian web sites and online businesses. But Alexa’s rank of Iranian web sites is not reliable due to the limitation and incompleteness of data sources it employs about web traffics in Iran.

In this project, we are going to provide a web site ranking service based on local web traffic data sources, which is more reliable than Alexa and does not suffer from its shortcomings. The main outputs of this project includes the followings:

  • Analysis of the general requirements of the web site ranking and monitoring system
  • Determining the measures which are important in web site analysis and ranking
  • Studying the possibility to employ different on-site and off-site data sources
  • Designing the conceptual model and the architecture of the web site analysis and ranking system

Design and implementation of the web site analysis and ranking system

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