Location based services platform (Map search engine)

WSIS Action Line: 

Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT Research Institute (ex. ITRC)

Summary of the Project: 

According to the development of E-services in Iran and along with the ICT developing policies in Iran we can see that the location based services (LBS) has become one the most favorite service among the Iranian users. Due to the nature of LBS that mostly are local and national based, Iranian ICT government decided to create a national platform for running LB services which are equipped with national base Maps. For this reason, the LBS field has taken an important place in National search engine plan. Some projects were defined in this field such as National LBS platform and Value added LB Services and currently we are working on developing LBS platform which is a 12 months project. In this project we are going to develop a platform to meet all users' needs within the field of location and map.

By creating such a national platform and infrastructure, we will expect a WebGIS development in GIS ecosystem and new born of variety of LBS services are predictable. The national map search engine is a cross platform (Web, Mobile and desktop) and responds to all users with different browsers and operation systems.  This platform offers some features like: Map navigation features (Raster and satellite map viewing), Routing, go to location, GPS tracking, Geocoding, searching tool for location, address and POIs searching and rea measurement. All users are able to have a personal profile through a SSO system and have an access to all search engine integrated features. In addition to these features, this platform has a capability of offering multiple APIs to support different businesses and startups who want to work in this field.

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