ITRC Infrastructure as a Service Project

WSIS Action Line: 

Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT Research Institute (ex. ITRC)

Summary of the Project: 

ITRC IaaS project is an expansion of technology trends studies and market insights at ICT research institute. Delivering public cloud services and providing cloud software solution is the main objectives of ITRC IaaS project.

Iran ICT research center has been pivoting away from its original research-based activities to focus on launching service-oriented projects. In this regard, ITRC IaaS project is one of successful outcome of this strategy pivoting by providing broad range of high-end public and private production-ready services in cloud service spectrum (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, DBaaS and etc.)

In addition, due to impressive and dramatic growth of cloud trends in IT and non-IT sections since 2013, development of native cloud IaaS solution and localization of cloud computing technologies is one of an important IRAN ICT management board-decisions agenda. Working with local internet companies and domestic search engine program as a cloud infrastructure and collaborating with international open communities of cloud computing like is one of the best practices of this project.

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