Search engine Marketing (Intelligent advertising platform)

Intelligent advertising based on search engine information in addition to helping search engines become financially independent, can guarantee the service sustainability of other businesses in IT market of the country. Advertising is the most important source of income for search engines and its subsidiary services that can help increase user satisfaction and also benefit other businesses.

Making this process intelligent will directly provide income-generating opportunities for businesses and also help increase user awareness in cyber-space. Moreover, it provides users with timely and appropriate access to information.

Intelligent advertising as a key component in search engine service value chain can effectively narrow the gap between users’ interest and information/content offered and provide income-generating opportunities for search engines. Furthermore, online intelligent advertising introduces a marketing method for firms by showing users advertising content which will consequently result in businesses success and prosperity (traditional and digital).

The output of this project will be a platform that can offer appropriate advertising information/content based on user interest, requirements and feedbacks on a variety of search engine services and subjects.

There is also the opportunity to offer relevant advertising according to real needs of users by developing user personal profiles. Matching advertisements with users’ request and other web pages content is achieved using smart algorithms. As a matter of fact, the advertising platform will intelligently select the best ad based on context information and show them in search engine and other businesses web pages. This way the highest Click Through Rate is guaranteed for advertisers.


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