global Persian Wordnet (Farsnet3)

Lexical ontologies and semantic lexicons are important resources in natural language processing. They are used in various tasks and applications, especially where semantic processing is evolved such as question answering, machine translation, text understanding, information retrieval and extraction, content management, text summarization, knowledge acquisition and semantic search engines. There are a number of semantic lexicons for English and some other languages, and Persian needs such a complete resource to be used in NLP works.

FarsNet is a bilingual lexical ontology that consists of two main parts: a semantic lexicon and a lexical ontology. Each entry in the semantic lexicon contains natural language descriptions, phonological, morphological, syntactic and semantic knowledge about a lexeme. The lexemes can participate in relations with other lexemes in the same lexicon or to entries of other lexicons and ontologies, in the ontology part. Here, the semantic lexicon is serving as a lexical index to the ontology. [1] The ontology part contains not only the standard relations defined in WordNet but also some additional conceptual ones such as Agent, Patient, Location, Instrument, Entailment, Salient defining feature, Co-Occurrence,…. FarsNet has also inter-lingual relations connecting Persian synsets to English ones (in Princeton WordNet 3.1).

Farsnet is developed in 3 projects. Farsnet 1.0 was espablish in 2008 and has more than 17000 lexical entries organized in about 10000 synsets of nouns, adjectives and verbs. Farsnet 2.0 was released at 2010 with 30000 words in 20,000 synsets that contains a new pos Adverb. More than 200 universities and organs request Farsnet 2.0 ang have got it to use in their projects.

Current Project of Farsnet is Farsnet 3.0 that aims to collect 100000 persian word. Farsnet3 Project has started at 2016 August and end in August 2017. At the first phase of Farsnet3 all Farsnet 2.0 Data was revised humanely to correct some errors. Now 2 phase of projects with 65000 words is passed and completing Farsnet continues.

Current statistics of Farsnet is as below table:






Mapping to Wordnet 3.1








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